CREATE A BROWN ANCIENT PATINA ON YOUR TERRACOTTA FLOORS! Can be used as the first step (instead of the simple paste wax for terracotta) when you wish to create an ancient beautiful patina on your new (or already aged) terracotta floor. Color: Dark leather


For wooden furniture and terracotta floors (both indoors and outdoors). A blend of precious beeswax and vegetable oils (such as linseed oil).


Final step of the traditional wax treatment for Terracotta and also the wax you can use for the maintenance of your Terracotta floors. It is a self polishing water based liquid wax.  Use directly on the floors and then spread with a well wringed soft cotton cloth.


Third step of the traditional wax treatment for terracotta floors. Paste wax Novecento fpr terracotta contains beeswax and is essential for new terracotta floors and for ancient ones that are in need of beeing nourished deeply.


This is the second step of our wax treatment for terracotta floors.


This is the first step of our traditional terracotta treatment. Essential to remove saltpetre and possible residues (such as concrete) due to the laying of the floor. Spread pure on the wet floor using a sorghum-broom.


Necessary to remove the wax layer produced by our Liquid Wax for terracotta when you need to renovate it or when you have particularly spotted floors. It can be used pure or 50% water, 50% remover, according to the quantity of wax you need to remove.

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